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These fees are for the Manhattan Heliports only and are one way only. Flights are subject to a late / early hours surcharge if requested before 7:00 AM
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Helicopter Charter Rates

These fees are for the Manhattan Heliports only and are one way only. Flights are subject to a late / early hours surcharge if requested before 7:00 AM or after 7:00 PM on weekdays, and before 11:00AM or after 7:00PM on weekends and holidays of an additional $250 for the single engine and $500 for the twin engine flights per location.



also charges a $25 surcharge, per engine, per landing, that will be a direct passthrough on any flight. Other Airports and Heliports may have restricted hours or additional surcharges and are quoted upon request for specific time and date. Trips originating at other city Airports and Heliports will be quoted accordingly. Charters to other locations will be quoted on an individual basis. All additional expenses will be passed on at cost: landings, parking, late operations, overnight expenses or other charges directly incidental to the flight requested.


Cancellation Policy:
Any cancellation of a reserved flight must be made 48 hours in advance. Any cancellation made within 48 and 24 hours will be subject to a $1,000 cancellation fee. Any reservations cancelled on the day of the flight will be charged in full. There will be NO charge for any flight cancelled due to weather.

Destination A-Star Twin-Star Flight Time
Aerial Experience $1,995 $2,450 30 Min
Newark Int'l Airport $1,950 $2,400 8 Min
JFK Int'l Airport $1,950 $2,400 10 Min
LGA Int'l Airport $1,950 $2,400 10 Min
Teterboro Airport $1,950 $2,400 10 Min
White Plains Airport $2,400 $2,900 18 Min
1 Hour Photo Flight $2,400 $2,800 60 Min
Jersey City/Kearny $950 $1,100 8 Min
Albany Int'l Airport $5,300 $5,800 65 Min
Dulles Int'l Airport $6,100 $6,600 1 Hr 40 Min
Belmar / Allaire $2,200 $2,700 18 Min
West Hampton $3,100 $3,600 35 Min
South Hampton $3,400 $3,900 40 Min
East Hampton $3,600 $4,100 45 Min
Montauk $3,900 $4,400 55 Min
Philadelphia $3,600 $4,100 45 Min
Atlantic City $3,600 $4,100 45 Min
Baltimore Int'l $5,600 $5,900 1 Hr 25 Min
Boston/Logan Int'l $5,900 $6,400 1 Hr 30 Min
Woodbury Common $3,400 $3,900 30 Min
Wyndham Mt. $3,400 $3,900 30 Min
Marthas Vineyard $6,100 $6,600 1 Hr 35 min

Hourly Rates

Single Engine: $1,900, $350/hr waiting charge
Twin Engine: $2,400, $500/hr waiting charge


Office Hours:

24 Hours a day! 365 Days a year!
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live to answer any questions and take your reservation!

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